Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Lose weight with chips

What emergency measures the body applies if there is a long time coming no food remained until now a closely guarded secret. Scientists were the first time that our bodies burn all sugars, followed by fats and finally proteins. Research Milk undermines this idea, however. She recently won an award for the best research proposal with microarrays (DNA chips) to unravel the matter further.

A healthy body is constantly building upon itself, is continuously maintenance. In such a situation, there is an anabolic metabolism, which simple substances such as amino acids are joined together into more complex substances such as proteins. The reverse also occurs. In this catabolic, destructive stage are complex, composite connections once again divided into smaller parts?

"In times of emergency, the body uses these catabolic 'metabolism trick' to still release energy to make," says molecular biologist Milk Sociologic AMC Liver Center (ALC). "Many patients in the hospital for example come in such a catabolic phase justified. In some of them enters emaciation and weakness, and they suffer from anemia and thinner muscles. Then we call it cachexia. This phenomenon often seen in cancer patients and people with a chronic illness or a serious infection. Sometimes it occurs while the patient is still eating enough

Cachexia is an important and complex metabolic process that is strangely little studied. "Actually, only looked at signal transduction, so the way the communication in a cell changes by cachexia," said Sociologic. "We want to examine the process at the level of the whole body. While we investigate the reactions of the individual organs that play an important role in the process. " Used for research Sociologic mice few days do not get food.

"Fasting bears a strong resemblance with cachexia also known as the fixed syndrome is called 'says Sociologic. "It's a simple condition that your underwear can mimic controlled conditions. In mice, we see what happens to the metabolic processes take place after 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours of fasting. We do this by making all those stages with microarrays gene expression profiles of various organs in the body. "


Since the eighties scientists distinguish three different periods that occur during fasting. In the first phase results in a significant weight loss; the pounds fly off. Which is gradually less than a second phase comes with minimal weight loss. After this relatively stable period in the third stage, the weight loss again fast.

About this sequence is actually everybody agree.
The situation is different when it comes to the underlying metabolic processes during which three phases: "The prevailing thought is that is addressed in the first phase of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles to the vital organs, such as brains, heart and lungs with energy. In the second phase the fat reserves to be burned is stored in various tissues. And, finally, the body switches in the third stage on the degradation of proteins, and in particular the proteins of the muscles. "